Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pickleball Action - February 7, 2012

From bottom left clockwise: SpinDoctor John, Michigan Ken/Stevie Wonder and Rambo Gary A.

Fiurteen players arrived today: Ken and Susan visiting from Michigan, Joanie, Karen, Johnny and Carol (welcome back), Ray, Ralph, Mike, Steve, Gary A, Peter, John and yon editor Ron. Give me a jingle if that doesn't add up to 14. We also had one spectator and expert ball shagger - Susan's and Ken's granddaughter Vivian (?).

We promptly occupied 3 courts, moved players all over the place and had a barrel of fun with no notable injuries to report. It was slightly windy - no problems for we UPGers - but, a slight issue for S and K who only play indoors in one-or-the other of Michigan's peninsulas. But, they soldiered on.

So, nothing else to chronicle, because no one has made a fool of themselves lately.

Be thinking about this: Having an invitational p'ball event and inviting our pals from Fletcher, Lake Lure, Lake Keowee and Conestee for instance. Will take some serious planning and more than a few volunteers. Not an original idea. We've discussed it before. Now, we are coming into the season when a lot of Snowbirds  will be returning to their homes in the 'north'. Whadoya think?



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