Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Eyes have it. Tuesday P'ball - February 28, 2012

This candid photo of Carol was taken by Sharon. Carol was trying out her new glasses that she claims to have purchased at a 'real bargain' price. Lucky for the other players, she didn't wear them during the matches and therefore no one had to have mercy on her - including Johnny who hit her on the 'shoulder' with a mean overhand kill shot and who will be having super on his own tonight.

We had a near record crowd of 16 warm bodies. Here goes: Gene, Gary A, Mike, Jan, Anne,  Karen, Sharon, Joanie, Carol, Johnny, John,  Ralph, Steve, Bob H, Ray and Ron. 
We UPGers occupied 4 courts for a while and played many fine matches. Had very nice weather including some wind - but, we are used to that.
Enjoy the pictures. The camera that was partially submerged on Friday, February 24th (See Brain Delayed) almost still works as demonstrated by the attached photos. So, the UPG Photo Division is still in operation.

The Pickleball courts are ready and waiting for your best game. Bring it on.

Case Hardened

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