Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday P'ball - February 10, 2012

The day was a little chilly and raw, but 9 players were on hand and kept the courts smokin' for a good two hours. A little longer for the four who played on for a few more hotly contested matches. Players: Mike, Gary A, Bob H, Peter, Jan, Lynne, Sharon, Steve and Ron. That's Jan below - the star of this week's collage effort by the UPG Photography Division.
Watch for the P,ball schedule next week. Remember - the notice is only going to be posted once a week for our usual Tuesday and Friday events. Watch the weather and show yourself if you are inclined to play and the weather looks workable. Remember: We play in almost any weather, except during actual rain (as opposed to 'chances of rain'), hurricanes, blizzards and tornadoes.
See you on the quartz courts.

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