Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brain Delayed - February 24, 2012

Ok. So the weather looked a little threatening here and there. But, not necessarily at Gower Park. Four appeared at the courts: Steve, Peter, Gene and yon editor. We started game 1 at about the same time it started to drizzle. By the time we finished the match (13-11 in favor of Steve and Gene) it was a light rain w/ some puddling on the courts. Sometime during this match Carol and Johnny showed up to 'offer support'. Carol wisely stayed in the car. Johnny joined us for a few minutes without his paddle - a fairly clear indicator that he had no intention of bucking the weather. What weather?

Started game 2; same teams. Rain picked up. Puddles deadened some balls as they struck the court preventing them from bouncing high enough to be returned. Nice excuse factor, though. Heavier rain. "Let's finish the match."  Game 2 was won by S and J. again. Drat! Rain had stopped. "Let's play one more." Reluctantly, all agreed. We set up to begin the 3rd match and all at once heard a loud rushing noise that we soon discovered was a heavy rain squall smartly moving our way  (or: moving our way smartly - you choose) . Decided to end the match and the session, but not quit quick enough to avoid another drenching.

The seat of one of the canvas folding chairs we brought along filled with water partially submerging a camera cleverly placed their by it not-so-lucky owner/editor. That's the reason why there are no photos accompanying this posting.


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