Friday, February 3, 2012

Baker's Dozen - P'ball - February 3, 2012

Like silverfish, players came out of the woodwork today and we ended up with a baker's dozen. Present: Steve, Joanie, Anne, Lynne, Ron, Bob H., Mike, Peter, John*, Karen, Ray, and visitors Ken  and Susan.

Anne and John

*John returned to action after an almost 6 month hiatus after taking a fall the last time he played on August 12, 2011. The August 12 session marked John's 1st session w/ us in several months while recovering from a hip replacement. It was good to see John back in action.
Susan and Lynne 

Ken and Susan dropped in on us today shortly after arriving from Michigan to visit family in Greenville for a few weeks. They hadn't even taken up housekeeping yet and still had their dog in tow. But, they joined us in several matches and we enjoyed their visit. They've got their priorities in order! Susan was kind enough to leave a really nice windbreaker at the courts. Now, in safe hands.

So, with fine weather and a mob of players we occupied three courts and played on for almost 3 hours. As always the day ended with 4 players battling it out. Everyone was still standing at the end of the day. Thanks for that.


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