Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Spring - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Warmish weather for this time of year, but that didn't stop a good crowd of  'regulars'  from showing up and at least six newbies who appeared from over the horizon. This Bloggist and Gary A arrived at noon to give a little clinic to two new players. Other prospects arrived during our regular 1:00PM session and were helped mightily by Gene and Johnny with plenty of assistance from the rest of the troops.

This time around we had all three bags of balls, plenty of tie downs and extra paddles including two woodies bought and brought by Gary A.

The system worked out well with the new players limited to 2 courts - while learning the ropes; otherwise, we kept 4 courts busy with plenty of exciting action. In some cases, new players were moved right into regular games while those just getting the hang of it were content to take instruction and play with their novice cohorts and at least one seasoned UPGer.

UPGers in action: Mike, Steve, Bob H, Johnny, Peter, Jan, Sharon, Gary A, Gene (prefers to be called Pop), John, Ray, Joanie and yon editor/bloggist/bullthrower.

Newbies: Anne R, Judy K, Sam G, Henry B, Jerry and Cyd C.  It's always nice to have new blood (a figurative term, of course - right Gary?) on the courts. We welcome you new players and hope you enjoy learning the game, improving your skills and mingling with your fellow p'ballers. After this blurb, you won't be saddled with the moniker 'Newbies' so you can rest easy.
Lost but not found by owner: A purple ELITE paddle. Check your equipment. If you have not put your name on your paddle yet - it's a good time to do it.

See you @ Gower.

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