Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday - March 27, 2012

Beautiful p'ball day and mobbed courts. We had 13 veteran players: Mike, Gary A, Steve, Ralph, Bob H, Johnny, Carol, Joanie, Anne, Peter, Gene, Sharon and Ron and 9 new players: Anne R, Joe, Joan N, Richard N, Sam, Hank, Jerry and Jim and Elly (visiting from Keowee Keys). It's very likely that some players are not listed here or have been mis-identified. If so, please advise the UPG Editorial/ ePublishing Division know by emailing Spike at The BLOG and "labels" listings will be corrected accordingly.
Above: Steve (Stevie Wonder) in action. The UPG Official Vehicle can be seen in the background.
For a while we had more new players than veteran players. This situation caused some disorganization for a short while because 3 courts were occupied with a mix of players with little or no supervision while only one court was being used by experienced players. Admittedly, we UPGers were not prepared for so many new players - brought on by the recent Greenville News article. So, by mutual consent we designated 2 courts for new players and two courts for experienced players - where, eventually some of the more skilled new players were invited to play. Otherwise, many regular players, assisted the beginners on their designated courts, and in some cases individuals were given one-on-one guidance.

Overall, UPGers did an excellent job, instructing and partnering with the mostly inexperienced players, teaching them the basics, including P'ball rules, strokes, scoring and UPG protocol. Most vets were able to play in several competitive matches on the courts reserved for that purpose.

Some of the new players have ordered paddles and others are sure to do so. We recommend that, players who are not sure that they can or will continue in the sport, play for a few weeks using loaner paddles before ordering a paddle.

Once the new players are established, they will be tapped by Gary A for a $10 contribution toward another batch of balls, that are in short supply when 4 courts are in action and which wear out faster with so much more activity.

Good show UPGers and welcome to all of the new players.

High Carbon

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