Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hectic Friday P-Ball March 16, 2012

Beautiful, busy day. Fourteen UPGers were on hand. Ten prospective players also joined us as a result of the March 15 Greenville News article about our group. Some of the prospects tried out the game and a few played several matches. At one point all five courts were occupied, but there were notable shortages. Paddles, balls and tie-downs. We have divided the ball into three bags - each of which contains at least two tie-downs and about 30 balls. The bags are delivered to each session by Steve, Gary A and yon editor. G and S were not present - a rarity for both to be absent. Virtually everyone was playing - each player with their pockets stuffed with balls (nine by Bob H, alone - just kidding). Balls that did stray, weren't shagged, because we were also short on shaggers. Whew. So, things were very hectic, but we made it through the session.

UPGers in action: Mike, Peter, Jan,  Joanie, Sharon, Carol, Johnny, Sue, Sharon, Lynne, Gary, Ray,  Gene and Ron. Thanks for loaning your paddles and for assisting our visitors.

I guess there were some exciting games, but it was hard to tell with all of the activity! No time for pictures except the one above.

SPECIAL NOTE: We retrieve a purple Elite paddle with a wrapped handle w/ no name attached. Will bring it to the next session. REMINDER: If you haven't done so already - put your name on your paddle.

See you next week, or on Tuesday whichever comes first.

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