Thursday, March 15, 2012

P'ball. Friday, March 13, 2012

Twelve players were in action today: Mike, Steve, Peter, Carol, Johnny, Bob H, Joanie, Sue, Craig*, Ray, Sharon and Ron.

* Craig has the dubious honor of playing the least amount of time in any UPG match in recorded history (since the dawn of time) - according to our archivist, who almost never lies. Unfortunately, Craig pulled a muscle or a tendon or something like that in the 1st few minutes of the day's opening match. So he had to sit out the entire 2-1/2 hour session. Sue, showing great concern, continued playing - as she should!

We played many excellent matches - switching players at will - trying and occasionally succeeding - in having a good mix of teams and players.

As you folks may know by now a nice article, with photographs was published in the Life Style section of the March 15th issue of the Greenville News. The very nice photo of Mike and Gene mis-identified Mike as Gary A. There is a nice shot of Sharon. The hand with two balls belongs to yon editor. The article has already drawn some interest, so we may have a few more potential players showing up - starting on Friday, 3/16. Some UPGers will have to 'step-up-to-the-plate' and work with new players. Don't wait to be asked.

See you at Gower.
Case Hardened (and dis-tempered) - Spike

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