Friday, March 9, 2012

Click and Scoop.- P-Ball - Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today UPGers were photographed and interviewed by Greenville's version of the Paparazzi or Pavarotti or something like that. Only, on a much smaller scale. Gary A arranged for the interview by Amy Clarke, with photographs by Owen Riley Jr both of the Greenville News. Click and Scoop joined us on the courts for about an hour. Several players were interviewed and a batch of action photos were taken. We enjoyed their company and they enjoyed the games and the bright day.
 Below: Gary A being interviewed by Amy.
We had 15 players on hand and everyone was on their best behavior! Players: Ron, Sharon, Gary A, Gary H, Mike, Bob H, John, Johnny, Carol, Jan, Joanie, Gene (Pop), Ralph, Steve and Peter. Gary H was kind enough to take a rather impressive dive - not too far from the photographer. Shots were taken of the event, but we don't know if they will be made public.
Below: Peter and Steve vs Mike and John.

Below: Pop and Sharon

Below: Yummy brownies lovingly prepared by Mrs. Buckeye (Geri) and delivered fresh by Bob H (aka Buckeye).
Even with the novelty of having Amy and Owen present, we managed to keep 3 courts awfully busy and had our usual assortment of matches and mis-matches. Many hard-fought games were duly recorded. A swell time by all on a bright, breezy day.

UPGers have already been notified about the availability of the photographs. You will be notified when the story appears in the Greenville News.

Spike (Extruded stainless).

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