Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grade A or Gray Day? Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - P'ball

UPG: Now on summer hours: Sessions begin at 9:30AM.

Gray or Grey? Look it up. Whatever you settle for - the day was overcast with just a slight breeze. Perfect for P'ball. Fifteen players were in action and in fine form. Though, two will be dressing their wounds before the day is out*. Players: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gene, Johnny, Carol, Ray, Joanie, Craig, Sam, Joe, Bob H, Peter, Sharon and Ron. Sue was also on hand - but out of commission while recovering from surgery. But, she kept busy shagging balls - so we let her stay!
We tried, and mostly succeeded in maintaining two levels of play. When they weren't beating each other up, experienced players worked with our newer players on courts reserved for that purpose. Some rookies already show considerable improvement both in the mechanics of the game and the rules of play.
Mug shots
Joe and Craig both took tumbles. From the judges' reactions - it would appear that Craig got the highest score (always thoughtfully unpublished by the UPG) - but, perhaps a 9.0. The higher than usual score for the Full Frontal Digger (FFD) most likely came about due to the graceful 360 degree roll Craig executed after hitting the court. J and C both dusted themselves off and carried on for several more matches. The courts were unharmed, except for a small divot near the base line.
Above from top L clockwise: Spidy dealing, Carol/Joe, Johnny, Stevie Wonder. 

Highlight: Gary A and Ron (one of the UPG Mutt and Jeff teams or muttonjeff) broke a sorry record when playing against the dynamic duo of Stevie Wonder and Spidy (Steve and Mike). Up to today G and R have averaged .25 points per game (PPG) against the duo in the previous 4 matches. The teams faced off again today. In a losing effort, G and R pounded home 7 points against S and M - thus, (trying not to brag here, but can't help it) our PPG surged to - get ready: 1.6! Please hold your applause.

Another fun day of Upstate P'ball.


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