Friday, April 20, 2012

FriBall - April 20, 2012

We had a good turnout today including five folks who were present at the P'Ball Expo (see BLOG dated April 16, 2012). They were Amy J, Carol F, Pat C, Andrea H and Julie. They came to watch - but two, Andrea and Julie got into some instructional action on Court 1. Some of these guests will be taking a Furman University OLLI course this June - presented by Johnny and Carol. That's Carol below: she looks a little spastic - but, fear not students - she is actually trying to get a ball out of her pocket and hammed it up a little for the UPG chief photographer who happened by.
Thirteen UPGers were present: Gary A, Gary, Mike, Hank, Steve, Johnny, Carol, Craig, Sue, John, Joe, Sharon and Ron. The troops kept at it for about 2-1/2 hours and many excellent matches were racked up. The newer players (no longer newbies [lucky devils]) have all improved, some in leaps and bounds. All are pretty much armed with new paddles and UPG verve.
Below. From L-R: Top - Johnny, Sharon; Bottom - Joe, Mike/Carol,

Below. From L-R: Top - Hank/John, Steve; Bottom - Craig/Gary, Gary A

So, another UPG session is in the books. Everyone left the courts under their own power and in fairly good spirits. That's what we strive for, although it is not essential that players do both. Yuk, yuk. Having fun in the sun, whaling away at the ball, letting go with some well aimed barbs and engaging in a few games of 'guts p'ball' is what it's all about. Any questions?


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