Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday P,ball - April 24, 2012 - Official Report

Corrections (now repaired) on the April 20th BLOG brought to the attention of the UPG Publishing Division by Cupcake herself. Spelled Craig incorrectly once and correctly once (It's CRAIG). Fixed the misspelled one. Spelled whaling wrong. Feel better now. How about you?

We had a cool, bright day with some moderate wind. Thirteen players dropped by as follows: Regulars - John, Gary A, Steve, Mike, Gene, Joe, Ray, Bob T and yon editor. Newer players - Bill S and Mike M (formerly Mikey2 - now on the injured list) . Two new players joined us for the first time. They are Barbara L and Dan L shown below being briefed by John the SpinDoctor.

For the most part the newer players occupied Court 1. They played among themselves or played with more experienced players to hone their skills, to learn the fine art of serving and other elements of the game. We have gained quite a collection of new players at various skill levels. UPGers are working with the players. It won't take long for some of the players to perk up their game. Players should know that they are not committed only to our regular scheduled sessions. There are three courts in Greenville with P'ball lines. If any folks want to form their own practice groups, or if they want to play on different days and times - you are encouraged to do so. All you need is a bag of balls and a tie down.

In the mean time Courts 2 & 3 were occupied by the more skilled players and a bunch of exceptional matches went into the record books.

We are used to aircraft flying over on their final approach to the Downtown Airport, but today was special. A military aircraft (believed to be an A-6 by the Editorial Squad) flew over. We could hear it long before we saw it. We even took time out from the match to watch as it flew directly overhead. It lined up on the runway, settled down, then lifted and sped away with another blast of noise. A touch-and-go without the touch. Exciting, yes?

See you on Friday.
Cold rolled, heat tempered, coated.

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