Sunday, April 1, 2012

Friday - March 30, 2012

Above: Carol (Lash) and Sharon (Cupcake) soaking up the only shade within strolling distance.

Well, we had a beautiful SC day and a large turnout of 17 as follows: Carol, Johnny, Peter, Gene, Gary, Gary A, Mike, Steve, Anne, Anne R, Jan, Sam, Hank, Joe, Ralph, Sharon and yon editor-in-chief. Two courts were designated for the 'saltier' players and 2 for the newer recruits. Veteran players worked with the newer players on the designated courts and some are coming around nicely and have moved into more challenging matches.

Hank, who has a new paddle, played 3 matches with the Green Monster (the backboard) and ended up winning 2 of 3. Joe and Sam have also ordered new paddles - perhaps others have as well. So, things are looking up.

The challenge is - to try to keep folks playing in competitive matches.  Some newer players catch on very quickly and can readily move into matches with stiffer competition. Other folks will take longer and some my not be able to advance beyond the beginner stage. No one should play - or, try to play beyond their capabilities. We want everyone to enjoy the sessions, but want no one to get hurt in the process.

Below: From top left clockwise: Steve (Stevie Wonder); Lash and Gary; Anne (Pit Bull or Duchess); Ralph.

Below: From top left clockwise: Johnny (Hoot) and Hank (with new Champion paddle); Gary (No Nick Name) and Carol; Steve and Jan; Ralph and Mike (Spidy).
Beginning Tuesday, April 3, 2012 we will start our sessions at 9:30AM (or, 0900 hours for you military types. Players can come whenever they please; no need to be there necessarily at 9 sharp, but it's a good idea to arrive before our normal quitting time - usually 2-1/2 to 3 hours after we begin. That's if players are still alive and kicking by then.

See you on the courts.
Ron (Spike)

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