Monday, April 30, 2012

Arbor Day P'ball - Friday, April 27, 2012

There were some big plans for this Arbor Day p'balls session POST, but the staff got sluggish, then lazy and finally ran out of time - so this blog entry will be a much shortened version of what was originally intended to to be several pages of mindless drivel.

Friday was bright and warm; perfect weather for p'ball and the large turnout of 18 players. Here goes: Jan, Bob T, Mike, Gary, Gary A, Lynne, Hank, Craig, Sue, Gene, Carol, Johnny, Steve, Ray, 2-session-veteran Julie, newbie Judy and Sharon and Ron. That should be approximately 18?

Several salty UPGers worked with the newer players on one or two courts while the other hard-hitters beat up each other (and, themselves) on two of the the other 3 courts. As usual there were many exceptional matches including the one shown below where Gary A and Steve (foreground L-R) face off against Bob T and Mike (L-R). 

Below CW from Top L: Sharon (Cupcake to her friends), Lynne (Ace) and Gene (Pop).

Hot of the press: Gary A (Collector of Revenue, Ball Buyer and general all-around handy-man) reports that we UPGers are now the proud owners of 60 brand-new, yellow P'balls which will complement our currently-in-use, scuffed and somewhat abused 40 or so balls of many colors. So, we are back in business. See you on the courts.


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