Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday P'ball - May 11, 2012

A bright day, gusty winds and 21 P'ballers added up to an exceptional day at Gower. We occupied all five courts and kept at least one of them smoking for almost 3 hours. Players: Bob T, Claude, Steve, Mike, Karen, Johnny, Carol, John, Gene, Lynne, Anne, Sandy F, Don, Sharon, Hank, Bill S, Ray, Joanie, Barbara L, Dan L and Ron. The wind caused some wayward serves, but most players figured it out and compensated accordingly.
Below: Reflecting. Self portrait in Lynne's shades.
                                                                Below: Kibitzing.

                               Below: Returns. From Top Left Clockwise: John, Johnny, Don, Bill S.
Below: From Top Left CW: Bob T, Sharon, Karen, Barbara L
Below: Anne. aka - Pit Bull or Duchess - your choice!
Not too much to report. The pictures say it all (each picture is worth a thousand words. Remember?). We had loads of players, lots of matches, good weather. Any questions?

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