Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday P'ball and Annual Picnic - May 22, 2012

Beautiful Pickleball day. Another good crowd of players were on hand to romp around the courts and socialize at will. There were 20 players - more or less. This the list that the UPG Publications Conglomerate, Inc. came up with: Bob T, Bob H, Lynne, Anne, Sharon, Jan, Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gary, Walt, Bill S, Sandy F, Ray, Ralph, Johnny, Claude, John, Gene and Ron. The matches were fast and furious and we kept at it for almost 3 hours with the crowd dwindling as the time went flying by. Our new players are coming along just fine and most now mingle in matches with more experienced players. They all have their own paddles. Gary A has been hounding them, with considerable success, for a contribution toward our ball fund. - Ray had to quit early today with a bum foot. Unlike some of us, he has the good sense to stop playing when his body tells him to. - Where is Joe M you ask? He kind of disappeared a few weeks ago. The UPG Player Representative liaison consulted w/ Joe. During his last p'ball session he somehow stubbed his toes and managed to fracture two of them in the process. So, he'll be out of commission for a while. - Gene is heading to the Granite State for the next few months so we'll have to find someone else to pick on in his absence. Any ideas?
Below: Jan on the move.
Below: Bob T and Johnny both going for the ball. Who got it?
Below: From Top Left clockwise: Ralph, Bill S/Sandy F, part of the City of Greenville fleet, Lynne and Gene.
Before we broke up at about Noon, the entire parking lot was occupied by virtually every heavy truck owned by the City and mostly men in orange safety vests were milling around - some watching our matches, others had a beefy, pick-up basketball game in full swing and two men started a tennis match on court 5. Apparently the workers and family members (or, office staff) were having some sort of outing.

They seemed to be having a good time and probably well deserved. Good for them. We had a good time too. So, we are even.


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