Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quatro de Mayo - 5/4/12 - Friday P'ball

Another sparkling day at Gower. Favorable weather and wind and a big crowd of players including two new to our ranks: Sue P and Gail pictured somewhere below. We had 19 players unless you can prove otherwise. Count them: Mike, Steve, Gary A, Gene, Lynne, Anne, Sue, Bill S, Bob T, Walter, Don, Hank, Ray, Sue P, Gail, Dan L, John F, Sandy F and Ron.
Welcome to our new players Sue P and Gail. Congratulations to Bill S. for his very exciting court slide. About 10 feet - on his back. A maneuver that should not be attempted, unless you are wearing protective gear - and, never by mature adults. But, if there is a good crowd...?
Newsy stuff. Gary A has taken over the weekly notifications - a chore that Steve has been doing for about a year. Thanks from all to Steve - aka, Stevie Wonder.
Above: L. Ace and Spidy; Top R: Steve: Gary A

Below: Sue at the ready.

Below. Top R: Dan L. Bot L: Gail/Sandy. Bot R: Sue P

This report should have been posted in the May Day Blog.
On May 1, Bob H (Buckeye to his friends and enemies) started a match. What follows are his words as extracted from an email he sent to Sharon explaining why he would have forgotten a chair that was inadvertently left under a tree at Gower when the players cleared out on Tuesday: "The cause of this was due to the last game I played in which my partner and I scored an 11-0 shutout. My partner was some guy named Ron. I served all 11 points. This Ron dude never got a chance to serve. He just had to stand there and watch the show develop. In fact as the game was nearing the end I asked Ron that if he wanted to he could go sit in my chair and rest till the game was over."
Below is an excerpt from the 5/14/2010 Blog report.
...Most importantly: Carol started a match @ "zero, zero only" and never gave up the serve winning the match almost single-handedly 11 - 0. I (Yon Editor, Ron) was lucky enough to be her partner and barely had to move during the shellacking of whoever the opponents were.

See u @ P'ball.

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