Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day - not mayday. Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It seemed like a 'mayday' might have been called for by the way folks were invading the courts. Twenty five players to be exact. But, for the most part pandemonium was averted and order prevailed. Some folks were on the courts for 3-1/2 hours still slamming away. These new players joined us today: Eddy S (Carol's brother), Walt J,  John and Sandy F and Don D. They have all played p'ball or other paddle sports and did well during their first session with the UPG brawlers at Gower Pickleball Stadium. Welcome to Uptate Pickleball. Notice about all photos posted in this Blog. They can be enlarged somewhat by left double-clicking on them. Also: If anyone wants any of the images yon Editor will glady email copies. And: If you are mis-identified, or are not included in the text please let the Publishing Division know via email c/o Spike.
Above: From Top L Clockwise: Sue, Mike (Spidy), Sandy, Bill S.
Below: From Top L Clockwise: Karen, Sandy/Pop, Walter, Pop/Gary A, Lynne (Ace).

Below: From Top L Clockwise: Bob T, Pop, Sharon (Cupcake), Steve E Wonder, Carol (Lash)
Today was a banner day, not just because we had one of our largest crowds of this century, but we also had 60 spankin' new, yellow balls delivered by Purchasing Agent Gary A. So, our satchels are full of balls and we are good to go for a while.
Note: With four courts in action folks may end up sitting around when they would prefer to be playing. You are encouraged to rustle up some players and start a match. Best to chose folks who are in your general skill range to assure a competitive and enjoyable match. Experienced UPGers are encouraged to work with new players and new players are encouraged to gradually work their way into the stronger matches.


See you at Gower.

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