Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rain Date. Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The courts were wet when players started to arrive at about 9:15. So, we went to work with a push broom and quickly made two courts serviceable and started playing. Eventually we had 12 players: Gary A, Steve, Sandy F, Ray, Hank, Don, Bob H, Claude, Peter, Lynne, Gene and the Birthday boy Ron. John F was also on hand, but he had a note from his Doctor so he was allowed to sit out. After about an hour it started to sprinkle, then drizzle, then rain in all its glory. It was about that time that Peter arrived. Most people would have made a subtle u-turn in the parking lot and headed home - the rest of us wet dogs - none the wiser. But, Peter joined us when we were enduring a genuine rain. Long lost (but never forever) Claude returned from his annual Beaufort, Sc hiatus and got into the swing of things as seen below R with Steve.
Below L-R, Top - bottom, intermediate. Counterclockwise and in between: Gary A
The hard-nosed group continued playing for about 1/2 hour after the rain started in earnest. We finally called it quits when the balls quit bouncing due to the puddles that covered the courts. No softies here.
Below: Spike. Where'd everyone go?
Gower is where it's happening.
Be there or be square.
The Birthday boy. Harry Truman, too.

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