Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday P'ball - July 3, 2012 - Steamed, broiled or baked?

Above: Jacob demonstrates his unusual on a forehand return as Don-the-slider* looks on.

Well it was a pretty exciting day here at the Gower Pickleball Facility with the return from travels of the e-publishing division staff, Don showing up with his brand new watch-it-being-assembled 2013 Vett, the visit by none other than Smoke of the Lake Lure gang and the participation of 18 other players in some hot matches in steamy weather.
Below: Newbie Barb H shows she's not kidding when it comes to slamming a serve return.
Players ignored the 90 degree weather and showed in force for the 8:30 session. Luckily it didn't reach the 90s until about 10:30AM! Players: Johnny, Carol, John, Peter, Mike, Steve, Bob D, Don, Jacob, Walt, Gary A, Barb H, Ray, Ray G, Julia, Mickey, Smoke, Sharon and Ron.
Below: Mike on the Left, Jacob one top and Walt below.
* Don (also a volleyball player -where diving for the ball is a big part of the game) took an unintentional nosedive while charging after a ball. He slide for several feet and showed no outward damage from the digger - saved, perhaps by the long pants he was wearing. There was no apparent damage to the court, except for a long scuff mark, which hopefully will disappear with age. Unluckily for the opposing team Mike - Don's partner - kept playing (as he should) and won the point.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anyone planning to participate in the lake Connestee Falls Pickleball Tournament (July 14/15) must register by no later than July 6th. If you are planning to participate in the Lake Lure Olympiad (Pickleball tournament: Friday, August 24) you should rustle up a partner, or partners if you are going to compete in more than one event. Entry fee is $10/player no matter how many events you enter. You have received detailed emails about both of these events.

UPGers are cool even when it's hot.

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