Friday, July 6, 2012

July 6, 2102 - P,ball. Another hottie. (The weather!)

Fourteen warm bodies (if you count Spidy) turned out at Gower Park for some gutsy pickleball, on another hot day. Luckily, we had an occasional breeze that probably prevented players from melting into the court. But, we have played on hotter days and lived to play again. So, no complaints. Players: Peter, Jacob, Lynne, Steve, Mike, Gary A, Sandy, Bob D (His Nimbleness shown below), Walter, John, Johnny, Carol and Yon Editor. The 14th player was Vicky, who happened by to give a look. She was handed a paddle and directed to a court and a doubles match. She did just fine. A new prospect maybe?
Below: Lynne (Ace) a study of determination.
Below: The Official UPG tree got a workout today.
Below: Top L- Mike and Jacob; R - Peter and Johnny; Bottom L - John and Lynne; R - Walter
So, we had many excellent matches, some highlighted by exceptional net-play and break-neck volleys. Will see you all (y'all) next week. Don't forget the Lake Lure Olympiad pickleball tournament on Friday, August 24th. Get yourself a partner and plan on playing some competitive pickleball with a nice group of folks right beside a lake nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A guaranteed fun day.


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