Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pickleball Session - Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another sweltering day, but that didn't deter these16 hard core P'ballers: Claude, Johnny, Carol, Steve, Mike, Hank, Walt, Jacob, Peter, Sandy, Vickie, Bob T, Karen, Bob D, Sharon and Ron. Everyone was sopped after a while due to the humidity (and the exertion, of course). After 1-1/2 hours the players dwindled at an alarming rate! Including Yon Editor. But, Mike, Steve, Bob T, Claude were still at it on Court 5 and Walter and Jacob were standing by under the Official UPG shade tree.
Above: The Official shade tree occupied by Hank, Walter and Jacob. Background: UPG support vehicle. Below: A squad of UPGers sweating and having fun at Gower Park. Check out how 'moist' Steve is.
Below: Mike-the-lengthy (AKA Spidy) struts his stuff. Look it up.
Below - Top  L: Bob T, R: Carol; Below from L: Vickie, Sandy and Steve. 
Notice of great import: We are missing some of our core players. Anne, Jan, Joanie, Bob H, Ralph and some of newer players have disappeared as well. Come on back. If you don't want to play because it's too hot, then hang out under the tree. There is plenty of action for players of every stripe. The courts are busy. And besides, we always can use hecklers and ball shaggers.

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