Saturday, July 21, 2012

P''ball Chronicle - Friday, July 20, 2012

Sixteen players made appearances today and some actually tore themselves from under the UPG Tree long enough to bat the old ball around, sometimes with considerable force or accuracy, but never both.  * Players: Walt, Jacob, Sharon, Peter, Mike, Steve, Gary A, Claude, Ray G, Bob T, Bob D, Sandy, Anne, Johnny, Don and Ron.  * Below: Steve (aka Stevie Wonder) shows off the paddle he has been using for 6 years, which - except for the electrical tape repairs around the edges and on the handle - is almost as good as new. Stevo has been considering buying a new paddle - but, only for the last 3 years.

Below: Claude about to strike the ball. But, what's that? His right foot is in the kitchen. Is it a volley shot? The UPG hidden/secret and clandestine video cameras will be consulted and analyzed. You will be advised accordingly.
Below: Foreground: Don poised for action. Background: Apparently Don rigged up the swayback tarp to provide in-the-court shade for court #5 -  a luxury not shared by the other 4 courts. The tarp, mounted on the outside of the fence lacked structural integrity and had some design issues as well. When the west wind blew, the tarp went horizontal and flapped noisily in the breeze prompting unkind remarks from players on #5. Undaunted, and unmoved by the verbal abuse, Don re-installed the tarp - this time inside the fence but without the ungainly sway. Mike (Spidy) looks askance, bewildered and befuddled as he stands before the structure. But, the effort was worth it - to Don, anyway (bottom right).
Below: All that excitement and we still managed to play many p'ball matches. Bob T, Claude, Spidy/Jacob and Steve.


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