Friday, July 17, 2009

Bob T. & Ron

It was a beautiful morning for pickleball. The sun was out and there was a nice breeze that also gave us more challenge with serving and hitting the balls. The courts had puddles on them from last night's thunder storms so Ken, Bob T. and I got there and worked on spreading the puddles out so they would dry up faster. Ralph arrived next while we were warming up hitting some balls back and forth. We got a game going then with the 4 of us. We ended up with 12 pickleball players today......Bob T., Ralph, Lynne S., Joanie, Ron, Sharon, Johnny, Bob H., Claude, Carol, Ken & I. We're losing Lynne S. to Colorado and Ralph to Hilton Head next week. Mike is on his big drive across country headed to San Francisco so we won't see him till August.
Hoping to see everyone (that's not on vacation) back out on the courts on Tuesday.......Lynn

Johnny & Lynne S.

Claude & Bob T.

Joanie & Ron

Lynne S. & Sharon

Joanie, Ken, Bob H. & Ron

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