Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jan & Carol taking the net

Well clearly Tuesday is our best day. 16 pickleball players were at Timmons Park today. The weather was great too......cloudy, cool with a slight breeze that was nice but didn't mess up the game. We started at 8:30.....Bob T., Pete P., Ken and I played the first game. During our game more players were arriving...... Jan, John, Bob S., Johnny, Carol, Bob H., Ron, Sharon, Joanie, Anne, Fred & Sally. Ron brought his camera today and took a lot of the photos that I have posted. Thanks, Ron, for helping me with the picture taking. Fred came back to give the game another try. His tennis background really has helped him take to the game. Hope everyone had a great time today. I know I did and we had some very challenging games.
Right now Friday looks good, weatherwise, for our next pickleball match so I hope to C U on D courts then.......Lynn
P.S. We had so many good photos today with Ron's and my shots combined that I had a really hard time deciding so I probably put too many on the post. Hope I'm not boring anyone.

Fred & Bob T. This is Fred's second day and he was doing great.

Bob H. & Bob S.

Bob H. & Sally

Ron & Anne

Bob T. & Pete P.

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