Friday, July 31, 2009

See our cute ball boy Ron!!

It was an excellent day for pickleball today except for a little too much wind. Actually the wind felt great but didn't do a thing to help the game. Ken and I got to the courts a few minutes after 8:00 this morning. Ken was not feeling optimistic about playing as the radar had shown more rain coming. It was cloudy and windy and did not look good. He thought we might get in an hour of playing but that would be about it and didn't expect too many players to show up. We carried only one chair down for the first trip but a little later I had to go back to the car and decided to carry the other chair down to the courts. I told him I was optimistic! There were a couple of puddles on the left court so we got busy and spread them out so the water could dry. Bob T. arrived and we started hitting some balls, warming up. Jan came right at 8:30 and we were glad to see her as we had 4 for a game then. We got in 2 games before anyone else came. Believe it or not.....we had 12 pickleball players today on such a doubtful day!! And we played until about 10 minutes till 12:00. The pickleball players today were Bob T., Jan, Ralph, Joanie, Johnny, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Lynne S., Anne, Ken and I. And a good time was had by all
(I hope)! Lynn P.S. Pictures were taken by Ron, Ken and me
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Johnny & Jan

Lynn & Lynne S.

Bob H. & Johnny

Joanie, Sharon, Bob H. & Johnny

Joanie & Sharon

Jan & Lynn

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