Friday, July 10, 2009

Pickleball Friday 7-10-09

Ron, Carol, Lynne S. & Ken

It was cloudy this morning and it made a nice time for pickleball. The sun hardly came out the whole time we played. There were 13 pickleball players today......Bob T., Steve, Pete P., Ralph, Lynne S., Ron, Sharon, Joanie, Johnny, Carol, Anne, Ken & I. It was great to have Ron and Sharon back from CT. The firemen were in the park doing an orienteering event and watching us play. I think they would have rather been playing our game instead of theirs. Steve played hooky from work and joined us. Nice to see him back out on the court. He might be wiseing up. Hopefully we can get in 2 days of pickleball next week. Tuesday looks ok for now so hope we can all get together again then. C U on D Courts!!! Lynn Anne & Ron looks like Ralph is helping Ken out

Johnny & Lynne S. Johnny going for the backhand

Carol & Steve........Go get em, Carol!!

Steve & Ron.......The firemen are our audience in the background

Ralph & Joanie........Joanie is practicing her "hip" shot......looks pretty good!

Carol, Ron, Lynne S. & Ken......after the game

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