Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 7-14-09

Bob S. & Jan going for the ball

We had some rain yesterday morning.....bad enough that Ken and I had to clean up some puddles this morning. Fortunately it didn't rain anymore after yesterday morning. Wasn't too bad though. Bob T. arrived and then came Steve so we had a foursome for a game. We had 15 pickleball players today......Bob T., Steve, Ralph, Pete P., Jan, Joanie, Anne, John, Carol, Johnny, Bob H., Bob S., Fred, Ken & I. It was Fred's first time to try pickleball. He and his wife, Lois, came kind of late in the session to watch at first and determine if he wanted to try it. Fred is a tennis player in our tennis group. He played a game with John, Anne and me and did pretty well. It's just a matter of getting use to how the ball bounces. It's not like the tennis ball. Fred was really going after the balls though and made some nice shots. We hope to play again on Friday and I hope to C U on D Courts then......Lynn
Carol & Johnny

Joanie & Bob T.

Anne & Ralph

Ken & Pete

Bob S. & Bob T.

Johnny & Carol

Steve & John

Bob H. & Carol

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