Friday, July 24, 2009

Steve & Sharon

It was nice getting to the courts this morning and not having to do any mopping. Rain had threatened us but fortunately we didn't get any to make a mess of our courts. The first 2 games involved Ken, Bob T., Steve and I. We started playing at 8:30. John was next to arrive so we rotated him in and me out. The first 3 games ended in the middle teens....way past 11. I proceeded to take some pictures of those 4 players. We had some close games today. At times they were really tense. There were 15 pickleball players today that came out for the pickleball session. The players were Bob T., Steve, John, Bob H., Joanie, Carol, Johnny, Jan, Ron, Sharon, Pete, Sally, Anne, Ken & myself.
We hope to play next Tuesday weather permitting. Hope to C U on D courts then.....Lynn

Sally & Bob T.

Johnny & Ron

Jan & Carol

Joanie & Ron

Bob T. & Sharon

John & Bob T.

Ken & Steve

Ken & Steve

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