Friday, September 11, 2009

Pickleball Friday 9-11-09


Pickleball report for September 11, 2009
Timmons Park
It was a beautiful day for pickleball with temperatures in the mid 70s, overcast skies and not anywhere near enough wind for players to use it as an excuse for wayward shots.
We had a good crowd of players hungering for competition and courtside socializing and everyone got plenty of both.
14 pickleball players were present and sometimes accounted for: Mike, Steve, Lynne, Ralph, Bob H, Johnny, Carol, Jan, Claude, Joanie, Anne, Fran B., Sharon & Ron.
We played hard and long and sometimes we were even able to keep track of the scores and servers. Only a few people’s ears perked up when they heard this score announced: “8-6-3“.
Seriously though, there were a lot of hard fought battles and many great shots. More than a few games got up into the 12 & 13 range. There were a few 11-0 games, but who wants to hear about them?
Injury report: Bob (Buckeye), was on the receiving end of two “below-the-belt” kill shots as he was playing the net. He doubled over both times. He finally almost straightened up 3 games later and his voice returned to its original alto by the time he returned to his car exactly 2 hours after he arrived. And:
Anne (Pit Bull) took a direct hit while guarding the net. She got the yellow pill between the eyes and her shades were dislodged. She and her sunglasses only suffered minor damage. The ball, unfortunately - was destroyed. Also:
Fran (Crash-and-burn) took a lot of diggers - too numerous to describe in detail. He’ll never be accused of slacking off if there is even a prayer of getting a ball.
We had a great day and if weather permits, we’ll be at it again on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 AD.

Sharon & Spidey

Bob H. & Claude

Johnny & Carol

Claude & Johnny

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