Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 9-8-09


Semi-official P'ball activity report.
Tuesday, Sept. 08, 2009 - Timmons Park - 9:00AM start
Ten were present for the event. We were lucky enough to have nice, sunny weather with almost no wind.
Present: Jan, Steve, Mike, Joanie, Johnny, John, Bob H, Claude, Sharon and Ron
No one got much rest because two folks cycled in at the end of each game. The only respite was frequent breaks to take in fluids and to munch on cupcakes that Sharon made in honor of Jan’s birthday a few days ago. We had to work the cupcakes hard because the local ant population made a move on the goodies.
We had many fine games - some were tight while others had pretty big spreads.
At about 11:00 AM some players started peeling off, so eventually we were down to 5 and played on one court shifting in the odd-player at the end of each match.
It seems like the last match of the day - at least recently - has been one of the better ones (or, at least one of the longest ones). The last match was between Ron & Mike (Spike & Spidey) vs. Steve (Stevie Wonder) and John. Originally, we were going to play a marathon game to 56, but we couldn’t interest the folks from the Guinness Book Of World Records in our attempt at athletic notoriety, so we cut the game back slightly - to 11.
Never-the-less, it was an exciting game and finally the good guys won 12-10 much to the glee of the gallery, which at the time was composed of one fan - kind of a captive audience - named Sharon. You’ll have to figure out on your own who the ‘good guys’ are.
It looks like there will be a good turnout for the outing at John Russell’s Lake house @ Lake Jocassee on Saturday, September 19th. Note it on your calendar and don’t forget to bring a covered dish.
In the mean time we are planning to play P’ball on Friday, 9/11/09.

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