Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pickleball Tuesday 9-1-09

Once again the courts were wet and we had a job of cleaning them up before we could play. Ken and I got to the park about 8:00 and started squeegeeing the courts. Lynne S. came and joined us and started helping and then Steve arrived so there were 4 of us working. John came and pitched in too. He kept working while Ken, Steve, Lynne and I started a game. There were 16 pickleball players today. Those that were present were Lynne S., Steve, John, Ralph, Mike, Joanie, Claude, Gunther, Johnny, Jan, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Anne, Ken & I. Gunter was a new player today. Claude brought him and I heard that he is a good tennis player so of course he took to pickleball quickly. Anne was back from her vacation to Colorado and was back in "pit bull" form playing with Spidey. They are a tough team to beat!! We ended the session today with another one of those dreaded 21 point games. This time between the team of Stevie Wonder and the Sheik VS Spidey and myself. SW and the Sheik held Spidey and I down most of the game but we came back and defeated SW and the Sheik 21 to 19!!!!! It was about 1:20 by the time the competition was over. Everyone else had bailed out on us so the 4 of us were the last on the court. Guess the rest had sense enough to go on home and have some lunch. John has invited the pickleball group to his house on Lake Keeowee on September 19. He is going to send me some directions and more details that I will send out soon. Hope to see everyone again on Friday for more fun and games on the pickleball courts....... Lynn
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