Friday, September 25, 2009

Pickleball Friday 9-25-09

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There were 14 pickleball players today accounted for. Those present were Steve, Lynne S., Mike, Joanie, Ralph, Johnny, Carol, Ron, Sharon, Bob H., Jan, Anne, Ken and Lynn (me). Steve was the first to arrive after Ken and I got to the courts this morning. We played some canadian doubles until another player showed up. Lynne S. came next and joined our game to make it regular doubles.
Thought Bob T. would come back today but he didn't. We'll be missing Anne soon as she will be taking off for Spain towards the end of next week and will be gone for over a month. Hope she'll come to play on Tuesday for one more time before she leaves us, especially since we have her paddle as she left it at the court today.
Looks like Sharon has settled into the nickname of Cupcake and now Carol has acquired the nickname of Smash.
I had fun today and hope everyone else did too. We really got lucky with the weather today and didn't have to squeegee courts either.
Looking forward to more fun and pickleball games on Tuesday. Right now the weather is looking good for then. ..........Lynn

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