Friday, September 18, 2009

Pickleball Friday 9-18-09

Wet wet we gave up trying to dry them off. Lynne aka ACE, Ron aka SPIKE playing Sharon and Ken aka THE SHEIK

FRIDAY, 9/18/2009

Well, here goes the report, which should be of special interest for those who didn't participate.

Never-say-die PICKLEBALLERS PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR: Lynn & Ken (welcome back), Lynne (Ace), Sharon (see nickname contest below*) and this chronicler.

We, the designated interim UPG administrators drove in slight drizzle to Timmons park. We only had our wipers on the LOW INTERVAL setting. Thus, it wasn't really raining.. We arrived at the courts where Lynn & ken and Lynne were hanging out by the cars, eyeing the - I guess you might say - sorta damp courts. We decided to clear one court and give it a go.

We gave up on drying the court because we couldn't keep up with 'mist'.. So, we 5 played on one court rotating the 5th player in each game. During lulls, Lynne took the squeegee to one persistent puddle that was no more than ankle deep.

We played for 3 hours and the footing was surprisingly good. Too bad some of other regulars didn't show up, because we could have used a few breaks. We had many good games, didn't break any balls, weren't too pestered by ants and only had two or three rubberneckers, gawking at us when they drove by, with their windshield wipers hardly moving. Lynne had more than her share of killer serves today and some aces as well, thus earning her the nickname ACE as noted above.

We have hard proof that we played PICKLEBALL in what some folks might consider inclement weather:

DIGITAL PHOTOS, see the attached, authentic, authorized, undoctored photos (AAAUP) taken by Lynn & Ken, and; WITNESSES. Johnny and Carol just happened to make a visit to the park. They made a short stop to say hello and to find out the time of John's lakehouse gathering on 9/19. If necessary, they will testify that we were in fact playing PICKLEBALL, we were having fun and it wasn't raining.

*Sharon needs a nickname. We tried out a few today: Uno, Zilch and Zero. They kind of have a negative tone, but she volunteered a few of them after having a bad game. If you have any ideas, and they are printable, please let me know. Whoever (or whomever) comes up with an appropriate and usable nickname will be given a generous award, the value of which cannot be divulged at this time. The winning suggestion will be as determined by the UPG Awards Committee. The names of the members of the 'Committee', must remain anonymous for security reasons until further notice or, perhaps even longer.

Lynn & Ken are back in charge.

Hope to see you at John's gathering and at PICKLEBALL next week.

Ron (Spike)

Lynne (Ace) & Ron (Spike)
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