Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pickleball Adventure - March 5, 2010

Above: Rebecca, about to mash a forehander. The recipient of her return should be discharged soon and is expected to be back on the courts an a few months.

We had a near-record crowd on this bright, windy day including two newbies pictured somewhere below. In attendance and having fought fiercely throughout the entire 2-1/2 hour event: Johnny, Rich (one of the first-timers, - all the way from Beaufort, SC), Jan, Ralph, Bob H, Bob R. (newbie, but a quick study), Mike, Catherine, Dave H. (aka David), Rebecca, Anne, Gary, Sharon and this blurbist (This word is not in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - Tenth Edition - but, it should be. Commit it to memory).

Above: The Peanut Gallery.
Below: Johnny, returns a shot as Dave H looks on.
Below: Bob R. Is about to smear the ball with an under-cut, forehander. His first time @ P'ball, but like most tennis players, he caught onto the game quickly.

Below: Jan at, but not over the red line, prepares to put away a mis-placed lob.

Below: Rich and Sharon are ready for a return from their opponents. Rich plays tennis, racquetball and other sports. He got in the groove immediately, and was able to keep track of the score, something that even some of the 'veteran players' have a problem with, especially after a lengthy rally. But, we are working on it. We have the time!
'Catherine the Great' took over the photojournalistic duties and shot several rolls of film which is no simple chore with a digital camera. She took many photos including the one below. This game is best when played with a paddle, though none is evident in my right hand.
As always, we had many exciting matches, made somewhat challenging due to swirling wind-gusts. And, as usual we had an 'incident'. In this case, Spidy and Buckeye were playing against the formidable team of Cupcake and Jan. S & B were building a worthy lead. Spidy seemed to be taking most of the shots on his side of the net, leaving Buckeye standing around twiddling his thumbs to kill time. In an overwhelming act of kindness Spidy fetched a chair for Bucky and placed it on the playing court so he could rest his weary bones while Spidy single-handedly held off the competition. Somewhat later in the match - as Cupcake and Jan battled for the lead, Spidy sat in the chair and allowed Buckeye to have a few shots. S&B eventually won the match but, as expected the outcome of the match is being challenged by the much disgruntled team of C&F. The Upstate Pickleball Rules Committee (TUPRC - pronounced Tup -er-see), will meet within the next few months to decide, if a rule should be enacted to prevent the introduction chairs and/or other appurtenances on the court during play? Will advise accordingly.
We'll be playing next week.


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