Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pickleball as we know it. 3/19/2010

If you are on the ball, you will immediately notice that there are no photographs attached to this report. So, don't spend a lot of your precious time looking for them.

Nine players were present on this balmy day: Newbie Peter (who made a good showing), Johnny, Ralph, Mike, John, Bob H, Gary, Sharon and this Blogist.

We had many exciting games, the first few of which, Gary was on fire. Consequently, he and his lucky partner blew away their opponents. But the rest of us picked up our games in short order and the scores reflected the balance.

Pete F joined us for his 1st time a P'ball. He played several games and came around nicely. Welcome Pete.

Chief cook and bottle washer, Bob H arrived early, but he didn't come empty handed. He brought along a box of fresh-made granola bars. And, he brought a small serving table so the yummies could be properly displayed and consumed in a dignified fashion.

Spike and Johnny were pretty lethal at the net, wounding several players on the receiving end of their kill shots. Two of our players - formerly altos, are now sopranos.

We plan on playing on Tuesday, March 23, 2010.


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