Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pickleball Reunion - 3/16/2010

Above: Our group minus Johnny, Carol and Gary who escaped before the photo session got under way.
We had a great day for Pickleball, and a good turnout of folks to welcome Ken & Lynn who arrived here from Florida on the 15th and will head back that way too soon. Joannie came out of hiding and got right into the game. Anne came, but didn't play because she was feeling a little punky with allergies. PRESENT: Lynn, Ken, Johnny, Carol, Ralph, Anne, Joannie, Mike, Gary, John, Jan, Sharon and Ron. That should add up to 13. We played for 3 hours. It was great to have Ken & Lynn back in town. They showed off some of their Sunshine State moves and we locals promised not to use them, especially the Orange Blossum, side-arm shank shot that was Ken's specialty. Lynn's Backhand double-shunt with a twist was very effective as well.
Below: Spike and Cupcake (standing nearby) accept the coveted PICKLE during the renown "Passing Of The Pickle" ceremony that originated here in the Upstate, but is copied all over the world. The Pickle was first entrusted to Ken & Lynn during a lavish ceremony
last December. Thanks to Anne for the picture.
Kelow: Ken leans into one. John at the ready.
Below: Ralph lets one rip. Faster than a speeding bullet.
Below: John huffs as he hurls the pill toward his (and Ken's) opponents. John had a beauty of a fat lip, but he didn't get from playing Pickleball. Just a little bad luck.
Below: Jan and Lynn mix it up.
Above: Johnny fires away as Cupcake looks on.
Below: Gary was on his game, as usual. Blasting away.
After many hard-fought matches we adjourned to the Brick City Grille to do a little more socializing before Ken & Lynn returne to Florida. Some folks couldn't make it and a few gave plausible reasons why not - even though excuses were not solicited, or even necessary. The STORY about one of our members delivering a baby at Timmons Park was a Pinocchio doozie.
Revelers @ the restaurant: Lynn, Ken, Joannie, Jan, Anne, Ralph, Lynne, Sharon & Ron. We killed a few hours there, had some adult beverages, good food and excellent service. And, thanks to the generosity of Ralph, the rest of us got out of there scot free.
So, we sent Ken & Lynn off in good style and are looking forward to their next visit. Thanks to K & L for bringing Pickleball to Greenville. Look at all of the fun we are having!

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