Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pickleball - The Sport - March 23, 2010

Present: Jan, John, Johnny, Ralph, Gary, Mike, Sharon, this Blogger and visitor Carolyn (shown above being tutored by Johnny). We had a very nice day, with some wind at the start, but it settled down as the session wore on. Sunny with the temp hanging right around 70 degrees. No complaints there. Below: Spidy is about to take one deep and send it flying.

Above: Ralph lifts one, while John looks on.
Below: Sharon charges the net and pounds the ball as Spidy stands ready for a return.
There was a lot of net-play today including several exceptional volleys. There were more than a few 'torso-shots', but no one suffered any lasting damage.
Carolyn (first photo), showed up to watch us in action. She has never played P'ball before, but is a tennis player so we expect that she will get the hang of the game in short order. We had an empty court, because our group thinned out, so Johnny spent some time showing Carolyn how to serve and other playing techniques. Spidy and this writer also spent some time going over the rules and scoring, so Carolyn should be ready to roll when she shows up to play.
Next session. To be determined depending on the weather, which is being worked on at the moment you read this!

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