Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pickleball Experience - 3/09/2010

Beautiful day. Temperature to 73 degrees, mostly sunny and enough wind to keep the games interesting. Eleven were in attendance and also present: Anne (aka Pit Bull shown above about to pulverize the little yellow ball), Jan, Sharon (Cupcake), Bob H. (Buckeye), Johnny, John (Spin Master), Mike (Spidy - shown below - eyeing the ball which is about to go for a ride), Gary (no nick name yet), Ralph, Steve (Stevie Wonder) and this writer of dubious writing prowess, Ron (aka Spike).
As always, we had many hard-fought battles, accompanied by the ever-present hooting and hollering by our most vociferous players. One shut-out was recorded, and there were a few games that weren't completed until they got into the low teens. Below: Stevie Wonder takes a little rest, in the middle of a game. He finally took a 'medical time-out' which is allowed under the International World Pickleball Federation Rules of South Carolina and the Eastern United States (IWPFROSCATEUS).
Buckeye brought these supremely, sumptuous granola bars (below). Their presence caused quite a commotion and some notable game delays, because a few players tended to mill around the box of goodies, pretending to fetch balls while - in fact - they were supposed to be playing. The Rules Committee is looking into this problem and will report at the beginning of our next session.
Below: Buckeye covers some ground and deftly hefts one back over the net.

Below: Johnny and Stevie Wonder man their side of the net.
Below: Jan tags one while Cupcake looks on.

Above: John smokes a forehander.

So, that's it for today folks. We had a blast, lots of great games, some laughs and munchies, too. Doesn't get much better than that. Hoping the weather cooperates so we can get another natch in this week.

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