Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fierce-Friday P'ball - Nov. 19, 2010

Fourteen players showed up on another beautiful SC day: Mike, Steve, Ralph, Anne, Lynne, Jan, Bob H, John, Johnny, Ray, Joanie, Gary, Sharon and Ron (Editor & exaggerator). There were lots of good matches and we carried on for over 2-1/2 hours. One problem, though. There is always ONE problem, it seems. This would be Callous Court Crossing (commonly know as the 3 C's). In this case, Gary no-nick-name walked directly through the 'kitchen' of Court One while a game was in progress. Eye- witnesses thought that perhaps Gary didn't know a match was in progress - even though the players were poised for action and one was ready to serve. But, he (the perp) did it again, this time with a telltale swagger. This flagrant disregard for P'ball Courtside Decorum, has been directed to the UPG Sanctioning Board for possible action. UPGers and cable news outlets will be informed when and if a penalty is levied.

One of the last matches of the day, and probably the finest - pitted Stevie Wonder and Gary against Spidy in a game of Canadian Doubles. An exceptional match to watch. The duo ganged up on Spidy and finally won the match 12-10. So, Spidy's undefeated record came to an end. Will he start another run?

Hope everyone has a blast at Tuesday's P'ball gathering. Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.


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