Sunday, November 14, 2010

Needy Knees - UPG - Friday, November 12, 2010

This post is dedicated to needy knees, careworn calves and angry ankles. "Careworn" is a stretch, but go with it anyway and save yourself the trouble of looking it up. Just a suggestion. UPGers play on. It doesn't hurt (clever play on words - no?) that some of us show up for the promised cookies, then feel this compelling urge to thrust our bodies about the courts as a sort of penance for careless calorie consumption.

P'ballers present (9): Mike, Steve, Johnny, Carol,Catherine the gracious, Lynne, Ray, Sharon & Ron.

                                          Above: Stevie Wonder & Hoot. Below: Ray & Ace.
Below: Here's the $1,000,000 question. Did Stevie Wonder 1: drill the ball into the net, 2: over the net, or 3: through the net. The UPG Photo Interpreter Team (PIT) is still trying to answer that question.
Above: Photo by Catherine. Spike is trying to fly, but hasn't even reached his amazing all-time-record, personal best vertical leap height of just over 6 inches. Below: Spidy lets one fly (the ball, that is) as Cupcake looks on.

                                                                    Below: Ace in action.
Below: What it is really all about! These goodies were hand made from some natural ingredients, low in everything evil, and high in everything else and tasty, too. Thanks to Cupcake and Catherine.
We had a good day of Pickleball, which is why we show up twice a week all year long and in spite of almost all cranky weather conditions. We laugh at aches and pains, except for pains-in-the-neck. And, we play hard-core Pickleball. That's the only way to play the game.

Speaking of cranky weather: Tuesday, 11/16 may be too 'marginal' to play w/ a 90% chance of rain predicted. So, watch for the e-mail announcements. For those of you who don't look at this BLOG - why don't you go ahead and ignore this paragraph. It's not a question.


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