Saturday, November 6, 2010

WX Shortened P'ball - Friday, 11/05/2010

Eleven players showed up today including world-traveler Mike-the-lengthy, and recuperating Bob (not Hopping or Hoppy at-the-moment). Other players of equal notoriety: Steve, Jan, Carol, Johnny, Joanie, Gary, Lynne, Sharon and Ron.
We got started just like any day, that is - folks kept showing up and filling the courts. As noted above, Buckeye returned after a several week absence due to an injury he received while doing household chores. Spidy also arrived - first of the scene, actually. As we dried the court then warmed up - he gave us a little rundown of his recent travels. We commenced playing while the temperature began to drop and black clouds circled us. 

Yon Editor is having nothing but trouble with this post. It's the most miserable program I've ever worked with. So, I'll finish with this. Eventually, we had a light rain and the weather looked to pose a real threat. So, our players started drifting away. We ended up playing on one court - first a doubles match, then a game of Canadian Doubles (cutthroat) and finally a singles match with Stevie Wonder vs Spidy. I have not heard who won the singles match or if Spidy or Mr Wonder toughed it out and had a match with just one of them in attendance. We'll find out.

Pictures above: 1. Spidy & Cupcake; 2. Jan lofts a lob as Lynne stands by; 3. Dark skies move in on us;
4. Ace tries to chase down a ball - probably out of reach.

Will see you next week.

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