Thursday, November 11, 2010

P'ball Essentials - November 9, 2010

Tuesday Pickleball. Another exciting day on the courts. Beautiful day and a good turnout of 11 players: Johnny, Carol, Gary, Mike, Ralph, Jan, Joanie, Mike B, Steve, Sharon and Ron. If there were any valid complaints about the day - sun-in-your-eyes may have been one of them. Remember your hat!!! Also, there was a what-if-a-ball-falls-out-of-your-pocket during play issue? The question is still unresolved, but the UPG Rules Committee will meet to discuss the topic at its meeting on the 5th Thurdsay of this month. Will report.
With 11 players and several quick matches, there was little down time, but we still had a few players banging away 2-1/2 hours after we started. Lots of good games as usual and tons of fun too.

We'll be playing on Friday 11/12 at 1:00PM. There will be some yummies there as well - compliments of Cupcake. Watch for the email schedule notification.

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