Thursday, November 18, 2010

Humpday-P'ball. Nov. 17, 2010

We were rained out on Tuesday, so played on Wednesday and had a good turnout of eleven. Spidy was 1st on the scene - push broom in hand. By the time other troops showed up, the courts were almost as dry as a bone. Players: Mike, Johnny, Carol, Steve, Jan, Anne, Catherine, Mike B, Ray, Sharon and yon editor.

 As anyone can see from these photos (some taken by Catherines Courageous), we had a beautiful day and lots of action. Sun-in-the-face and cross-court breeze added a little interest and flair to the matches. The resident red-tailed hawk that happened by gave us pause for thought; we contemplated: who among us the hawk was most interested in.
There was one match that went into "overtime", a few near shutouts and a bunch of tight matches. We all had tons of fun including yon editor who had a grumpy spell - but, recovered.

One of our players is going to host a Christmas party. Details to follow.

Also: Does anyone have access to a digital video camera? I would like to replace the demo video on this BLOG because it doesn't even closely represent the way we UPGers play the game.

We will be playing again on Friday the 19th. Same time; same place. Check your email.

NOTE: All photos, including collages can be enlarged by double clicking on them.


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