Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuesday P'ball w/ newbie - Oct 2, 2010

We had 11 players on this day including long-lost Anne and a new player - another Mike! This one: Mike B who never played P'ball before. We gave him about 10 minutes of practice and pointers, then he played his 1st match - which he won! He put on quite a few miles doing it.Welcome Mike B. Anne didn't take long to get back into her game - smoked more than a few balls - but, no one took a direct hit. Joanie - of the "lost jacket crowd" showed up with a batch of still-warm cookies which were a big hit. She also intended to retrieve a jacket that she had left behind - in a car during a recent hike. It was brought to p'ball but ended up being mistakenly taken by Jan who left a similar one in its place. The jacket my be destined just to travel about - and never be worn again by Joanie. Jan brought along her granddaughter Sophie - who liked the cookies quite a lot. She entertained herself while we entertained ourselves. Jan's daughter Kristin also stopped by for a short visit.
                                                           Above: Sophie and Jan.
Players: Jan, Joanie, Steve, Mike B, John, Gary, Sharon, Peter, Anne, Lynne and Ron.
Bright day with squirrelly winds, so no one was able to take advantage of it - except to use it as an occasional reason for flubbing the ball. The wind and sun-in-the-eyes made for some exciting matches, which -unfortunately - included a few shutouts; but they were later avenged. All in all, it was a swell p'ball day and we had barrels of fun and camaraderie. Calories, too.
Below: Joanie in action.
 Below: Clockwise from top L: Stevie Wonder, The Spinmaster, Peter and Mike B. 
Below: Clockwise from top L: Mr. Wonder and Pit Bull, Jan, yummies-by Joanie; Gary.
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Looks like we'll have good playing weather on Friday 11/05/10. The courts will be wet, but we'll take of that. Check your email for the Official UPG schedule announcement. Accept no substitutes.


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