Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friday Pickleball - March 18, 2011

Eleven players were on hand for Pickleball on this hot day, including Her Ladyship Carol (Lash) who, after a few matches, took shelter in the only shady spot nearby (Photo above). The temperature reached 80 degrees, and some of the troops needed a little time to acclimate. Lash is showing how it is done here. But, she is not necessarily in a comfort zone, because Spidy was busy throwing balls over the fence - trying to land them on Carol. Players: Gary A, Ralph, Mike, Steve, Anne, Joanie, Carol, Johnny, Peter, Sharon and Ron.
Above: Spidy is on the court side of the backboard tossing balls at Carol. Below: Stevie Wonder encroaches on Joanie's turf. But, he made the shot - so, all is forgiven.
As mentioned, it was hot for so early in the year, so some of the players faded early. Usually when it so hot there are leaves on the trees and we get some shade on the courts, but not yet. Even though the crowd thinned out, we had plenty of good games and the usual amount of bantering. Below: Spidy and Pit Bull in action.
This blurb is short and sweet like it's creator (Not - The Creator). More important things call: Like the NCAA Tournament. P'ball Tuesday, 3/22/11. Spike.

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