Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday P'ball - March 22, 2011

Above: Joanie de Arc fires a backhand while Pit Bull stands ready.

Close to 80 degrees today, and we aren't used to the warm weather yet. So, there was some suffering going on. Consequently, some attendees abbreviated their court-time and even their time at the court. Ten UPGers were present for all or some of the 2-hour session: Jan, Johnny, Carol, Ralph, Peter, Anne, Joanie, Bob H, Mike and Ron.
Above: Peter gets ready to belt a forehand while Spidy looks on.

Below: Spidy demonstrates a new hitting style that he learned in Fletcher, NC. It is called the forehand-overhand-underhand lob (FOUL). The Rules Committee is still deliberating as to the legality of the shot. That's Peter admiring the shot.
We had many fine games and, with a diminishing crowd as the day progressed, there was little down time. But, everyone managed to stay upright and plenty of excellent matches were completed. Joanie de Arc earned Player of The Day braggin' rights for her exceptional net play. She is now on the short list of players eligible for the drawing of a fabulous prize to be awarded during a drawing on April 31, 2011. Otherwise: there was a lot of discussion about reverting to our 'summer schedule' - that is - starting the sessions in the morning. Probably next week. We also revived the discussion about playing some evenings - maybe, late enough to play under the lights. Under consideration. Let's discussed these items when we play on Friday, 3/25/11 (at 1:00PM).  CHECK YOUR EMAIL!!! Spike

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