Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday Pickleball - March 1, 2011

Ten players were on hand for today's matches. Everyone was hitting on all 8 cylinders and that made for some very exciting games - one with a touch of vehemence. Players: Ralph, Mike, Steve, Jan, Joanie, Gary, Gary A, Albert (on loan from Oregon), Sharon & Ron. Above: From top left, clockwise - Gary A.; Albert & Gary A.; Gary & Ralph; Spidy. We played mostly doubles, but managed a few Canadian Doubles matches as the crowd thinned out. Below: Albert serving to Spidy.
Above: Spidy 'takes one for the team' - in the Adam's Apple. Body strikes like that are one of the perils of playing close to the net. Cupcake stands at the ready. The last few matches were very intense - probably as fun to watch as they were to play in - lots of hooting and hollering. Great shots and tight games.

Watching the weather closely. Friday, 3/4/11 is touch and go with rain predicted. The UPG Weather Arrangers are working on that at this very moment. No kidding! Check your email. Spike

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