Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday - 3/16/2011 - P'ball

We were short on players, but not on action. Six showed, but we never had six at one time, because a few left early and one arrived late. The weather was just right so, who's complaining? Nobody. Present and accounted for: Mike, Gary, Jan, Joanie, Sharon and Ron.

Joanie de Arc arrived when we were half way through our paucity-of-players-shortened-session. But, she got in some doubles matches, one Canadian Doubles match and her first ever singles match. And, made a very good showing. Over-all our crew played for two hours. There was no sitting around. Loads of fun as usual. We suspect playing on an odd day (usually we play on Tue and Fri) accounted for the low (but, not lowly) turnout. Plus, Stevie Wonder was absent with a Doctors appointment. We heard later that he has a hernia and will probably have surgery next week and will be out of P'ball (and his other sporting activities) for about 6 weeks. Still waiting to hear from Dr John (Spinmaster).

Hope you don't party too hard on this St. Patrick's Day - or, if you do - that you'll be tough enough to show up for P'ball on Friday, March 18th. See you then. Spike

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